COVID-19 Crisis Resources

General Information

COVID-19: Get the facts on the 2019 coronavirus (American Public Health Association)

COVID-19 Symptoms (CDC)

COVID-19 Guidance for At-Risk Populations (American Public Health Association)

What To Do If You Are Sick (CDC)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statistics and Research (Our World in Data)

Education Related

How to Transition to Online Teaching during these Difficult Times (Proposals from CUNY Faculty)

UMass Unions United Action

Academia’s Shock Doctrine (article by Anna Kornbluh in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Article is behind a paywall, but can be accessed by logging in with UMB credentials via Healey Library website)

5 Demands to Heal CUNY in Crisis (online petition)

Common Good Platform During COVID-19 Crisis (Boston Teachers Union)


A lesson coronavirus is about to teach the world (a summary of COVID-19 lessons by journalist Jonathan Cook)

Coronavirus Capitalism – And How to Beat It (video of Naomi Klein on the current crisis published by The Intercept)

Emergency Podcast System – The First Million Dead (episode 53 of the Rumble podcast with Michael Moore)