Endorsements of Steve Striffler


From UMB faculty who hold or have held FSU governance positions:

As UMB faculty members who have held FSU governance positions, we wholeheartedly endorse Steve Striffler for President of the FSU. Based on our experience collaborating with Steve, including on the FSU Executive Committee and Bargaining Team, we believe he will work effectively to make the FSU a more transparent, responsive, proactive, and democratic union. It is clear to us, having worked closely with the FSU for years, that new leadership is needed to achieve these goals. Steve Striffler’s knowledge, experience, and organizing approach will enable faculty and librarians to build our collective voice so that, together, we can confront the challenges we face to job security, salary and benefits, and faculty governance, while resisting the erosion of public support for our campus, and the urban mission of UMass Boston.

Sofya Aptekar, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology (Executive Committee, 2016-2018)

Tracy Brown, Senior Lecturer, Academic Support (Current Executive Committee Member)

Philip Chassler, Senior Lecturer II, American Studies Department (Executive Committee and Grievance Committee, 2011-2014)

Doreen Drury, Senior Lecturer II, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies (Executive Committee, 2014-2016)

Andrés Fabián Henao Castro, Assistant Professor, Political Science Department (Executive Committee, 2015-2017)

Monique Fuguet, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Department (Current Executive Committee Member)

Chris Fung, Senior Lecturer II, Anthropology Department (Bargaining Committee, 2013)

Jessica Holden, Librarian III (Current Executive Committee Member)

Steve Levine, Professor, Department of Philosophy (Executive Committee, 2016-2018; Bargaining Committee, 2017-2019)

Jeffrey Melnick, Professor, American Studies Department (Current Executive Committee)

Jonathan Millman, Senior Lecturer II, Economics Department (Bargaining Committee, 2013)

Alex Mueller, Associate Professor, English Department (Current Bargaining Committee)

Joe Ramsey, Senior Lecturer, English and American Studies Departments (Current Executive Committee)

Jason Rodriquez, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology (Executive Committee, 2017-2019; Current Bargaining Committee)

Rachel Rubin, Professor, American Studies Department (FSU President, 2005-2008)

Emilio Sauri, Associate Professor, English Department (Current Executive Committee)

Heike Schotten, Associate Professor, Political Science Department (Executive Committee 2007-2016, Current Bargaining Committee)

Karen Suyemoto, Professor, Psychology Department, (Executive Committee, 2016-2018)

Ursula Tafe, Senior Lecturer II, Political Science Department (Executive Committee, 2016-2017)

Amy Todd, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology Department (FSU Vice President, 2012-2014, Bargaining Committee 2013).

Tony Van Der Meer, Senior Lecturer II, Africana Studies Department, (Current Bargaining Committee)

Steve at the Stop & Shop workers strike, South Bay Plaza, Dorchester, MA (April 20, 2019).

From UMB Non-Tenure Track Faculty:

As Non-Tenure Track faculty who have been involved in the union for many years, we are asking you to vote for Steve Striffler for FSU President.

A noted labor scholar and activist, Steve is the Director of the Labor Resource Center and a Professor of Anthropology. He has served on the FSU executive committee and is currently a member of the core bargaining team for our next contract.  His extensive experience in union leadership well equips him to deal with challenges facing the FSU, particularly those that disproportionately affect NTT faculty.  Furthermore, Steve’s expertise regarding the broader labor movement provides him with valuable perspective on how to strengthen our union.

Steve believes that the strength of the FSU comes from its rank and file members, and has demonstrated a commitment to transparency and to maximizing member participation. He fought hard alongside other faculty to open up the current bargaining process to all FSU members, against resistance from entrenched FSU leadership.

Just as crucially, Steve has shown us that he recognizes the importance of NTT faculty to the success of UMass Boston, and that he views the treatment of NTT faculty as a social justice issue.  All too often, NTT faculty have been the “forgotten people” on campus.  Steve is someone who will work with us to change that, respecting us as equals. Steve is also in full support of the fair and equitable treatment of faculty of color on our campus. As a strong labor activist, Steve upholds the adage “injury to one is an injury to all.”

The FSU is one of six unions representing workers at UMass Boston. We are all stronger in our dealings with the administration when we work together. When the FSU leadership goes it alone, as it did last year by making a separate parking deal with the administration, it undermines solidarity and seriously weakens us all. Under Steve’s leadership, the FSU will no longer turn its back on our sister unions.

The misplaced priorities of the UMass Boston administration, coupled with harmful state budget cuts, have seriously undermined the urban mission of our university. Steve is committed to preserving the unique role of UMB in the Commonwealth, as a place providing an affordable, first-rate education to a diverse student body. 

With opportunities and challenges before us, Steve Striffler will provide a fresh, transparent, and democratic leadership approach as FSU PresidentPlease join us in supporting Steve when casting your ballot.

Anna Beckwith (Senior Lecturer II, Sociology), NTT Caucus

Tracy Brown (Senior Lecturer, Academic Support), NTT Representative on FSU Executive Committee

Anne Erde (Senior Lecturer II, Academic Support)

Dan Finn (Lecturer, Sociology), NTT Caucus, CLA Senate

Monique Fuguet (Senior Lecturer, Mathematics), NTT Representative on FSU Executive Committee, FSU Treasurer

Christopher Fung (Senior Lecturer II, Anthropology), 2013 Bargaining Team

Jason Hinkley (Lecturer, English)

Keith Jones (Visiting Assistant Professor of Africana Studies)

Erik Kelley (Lecturer, Anthropology)

Linda Liu (Lecturer, Sociology), FSU Activist, 2020-2023 Bargaining Support Team, MTA Delegate

Maria Mellone (Associate Lecturer, Mathematics), 2020-2023 FSU Core Bargaining Team  

Jonathan Millman (Senior Lecturer II, Economics), 2013 FSU Bargaining Team; MTA Delegate

Kevin Murphy (Lecturer, History), FSU Activist

Christopher Rabe (Associate Lecturer, Academic Support Programs)

Joe Ramsey (Senior Lecturer, English and American Studies), NTT Representative on FSU Executive Committee, 2020-2023 FSU Bargaining Support Team

Wendy Schoener (Senior Lecturer, English), FSU Activist, FSU Organizer for “No on 2” Campaign, MTA Delegate

Rita Shepard (Senior Lecturer, Anthropology)

Jyoti Sinha (Lecturer, Sociology)

Lauren Sullivan (Senior Lecturer II, Anthropology)

Natalicia Tracy (Lecturer, Sociology, Labor Studies, Executive Director Brazilian Workers Center)

Amy Todd (Senior Lecturer II, Anthropology), 2012-2014 FSU Executive Committee, 2013 FSU Bargaining Team, 2020-2023 FSU Bargaining Support Team

Tony Van Der Meer (Senior Lecturer II, Africana Studies), 2020-2023 FSU Core Bargaining Team

Alan Waters (Senior Lecturer II, Anthropology)

Barbara Worley (Senior Lecturer II, Anthropology)